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plural of Fucus

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Any of various brown algae of the genus Fucus, which includes many of the rockweeds. [Latin f cus, seaweed, orchil, from Greek ph kos.] fucus [Л€fjuЛђkЙ™s] - Cached - Similar

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Is Fuci a Scrabble word? Is it Scrabble dictionary, and What is Fuci definition, Anagrams of Fuci, Scrabble score for Fuci, images of Fuci, and words that can be - Cached - Similar

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any olive-brown seaweed or alga of the genus Fucus, having branching fronds and often air bladders. Fucus Vesiculosus Buy Fucus - Cached - Similar

L-fucose isomerase - Escherichia coli (strain K12)

21 Mar 2012 ... Sequence or UniProt identifier. >sp|P69922|FUCI_ECOLI L-fucose isomerase OS =Escherichia coli (strain K12) GN=fucI PE=1 SV=1 - Cached - Similar

Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 FucI

15 Oct 2007 ... FucI can function as both an L-fucose isomerase and a D-arabinose ... However, production of FucI is only induced by L-fucose [LeBlanc71] - Cached - Similar


Name. fucI. Definition. L-fucose isomerase [EC:]. Pathway ... ECD: ECDH10B_2971(fucI). EBW: BWG_2540(fucI). ECE: Z4119(fucI). ECS: ECs3662(fucI) - Cached - Similar

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