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Definition of Fudging

p. pr. & vb. n. of Fudge

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A soft rich candy made of sugar, milk, butter, and flavoring. 2. Nonsense; humbug . v. fudged, fudgВ·ing, fudgВ·es. 1. To fake or falsify: fudge casualty figures. - Cached - Similar

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to exceed the proper bounds or limits of something <feel that the author has fudged a little on the … rules for crime fiction — Newsweek>; also : cheat <fudging - Cached - Similar

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[edit] References. ^ Fudging - Definitions from; ^ http://www.; ^ Google Books Search - Cached - Similar

Jabberwock: Age-fudging, revisited

23 Mar 2012 ... Age-fudging, revisited. My dad is older than he claims, reveals Sonam Kapoor in today's HT City. I liked this excerpt from the story: So, what is - Cached - Similar

Is India Fudging Its Poverty Numbers? - India Real Time - WSJ

20 Mar 2012 ... Skeptics should always question announcements of large drops in poverty by governments but the data released this week by India may - Cached - Similar

Germany Really Looks Like It's Fudging Those Unemployment ...

28 Feb 2012 ... One of the hardest things to get in this world is a truthful, or at least a somewhat realistic, or at the very least a not totally fabricated report-numbers - Cach

All Social Media Companies are Addicted to Fudging their User ...

7 Feb 2012 ... Facebook is deliberately puffing up its monthly active users by using a broad definition. It's par for the course in the social media -user-numbers/ - Cache

Real Jobless Rate Is 11.4% With Realistic Labor Force Participation ...

6 Jan 2012 ... One does not need to be a rocket scientist to grasp the fudging the BLS has been doing every month for years now in order to bring the participation-rate - Cached - Sim

- Bishop Hill blog - Hopeful fudging

21 Mar 2012 ... I briefly met Chris Hope of the Judge Business School at the Cambridge Conference last year - Chris works in climate policy if I remember - Cached - Similar