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Definition of Fuff

v. t. & v. i. To puff.

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A replacement for the f-bomb when parents/teachers/Jesus is nearby. Can be spelled with one or two F's at the end (not that you'd ever need to writ...

jellyfish, Welcome to the Land of FUFF Berkeley, CA Home

Fuff Tabachnikoff is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has been creating unique, original works of art for too long to document.


Fuff # 1 is BACK in print! Fuff # 1 comes with a CD of the rhyming lecture “The History Of Punk on the Lower East Side, 1950-1975", as heard on NPR, WFMU, ...


The comic book series FUFF (formerly Guff) is rolling along... Issue # 8 is out now, as of August 2010! All issues are written and drawn by Jeffrey Lewis.

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Great Online Gift Shopping! Fuff greetings cards, eco-bags and homewares are printed with bright designs, often featuring pigeons, birds and flowers.


Where was I? September/October last year. The lagomorph's (in above picture, posing with its recently departed rat buckfriend's Valentines card) Facebook ...

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Fuff Stuff is all about bringing bright and vibrant design to simple and everyday items. Everyone loves a bit of Fuff Stuff... Shop Online at ...