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Definition of Fulsome

  1. adjective Full; abundant; plenteous; not shriveled.
  2. adjective Offending or disgusting by overfullness, excess, or grossness; cloying; gross; nauseous; esp., offensive from excess of praise; as, fulsome flattery.
  3. adjective Lustful; wanton; obscene; also, tending to obscenity.

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Fulsome definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar

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a : characterized by abundance : copious <describes in fulsome detail — G. N. Shuster> <fulsome bird life. The feeder overcrowded — Maxine Kumin> b - Cached - Similar

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Offensively flattering or insincere. See Synonyms at unctuous. 2. Offensive to the taste or sensibilities. 3. Usage Problem Copious or - Cached - Similar

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fulsome (comparative more fulsome, superlative most fulsome) ... the whole proceeding, and inflamed by desire . . . embraced me after a most fulsome - Cached - Similar

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29 Jul 2010 ... Does the word fulsome have a positive connotation or negative? Depends on whom you ask. The word started out in mid 13th century as a - Cached - Similar

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Sometimes a word ends up with two distinct, even contradictory meanings. One example of this occurs with the word - Cached - Similar


In modern usage, “fulsome” has two inconsistent meanings. To some people it means “offensive, overdone,” so “fulsome praise” to them would be disgustingly - Cached - Similar

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16 Mar 2009 ... But by the 16th century, fulsome's meaning had taken “full” overboard, to “ satiating, cloying, excessive.” Shakespeare used it often, meaning - Similar

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Define fulsome. What is fulsome? fulsome meaning, synonyms and audio pronunciation and more by Oxford Dictionaries Online (World English) - Cached - Similar

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Synonyms for fulsome at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the - Cached - Similar