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Definition of Fumade

intransitive verb Alt. of Fumado

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Fumade Fu*made"\, Fumado \Fu*ma"do\, n.; pl. Fumades , Fumadoes . [Sp. fumodo smoked, p. p. of fumar to smoke, fr. L. fumare. See Fume , v. i.] A salted and smoked ...

La Fumade

PrГ©sente deux chambres avec table d'hГґtes dans le Parc naturel rГ©gional du Haut-Languedoc. Saint-Г‰tienne-d'Albagnan.

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La Fumade is a traditional stone farmhouse in the rolling hills of the Languedoc, just above the Mediterranean. It is more than a holiday rental; it is peaceful ...

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Rent this 5 bedroom rental home for €750 per week! See photos, reviews, and availability for 636 rentals in Herault.

Afmite, Al3(OH)4(H2O)3(PO4)(PO3OH)В·H2O, a new mineral from ...

В© 2011 E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung Science Publishers; Afmite, Al 3 (OH) 4 (H 2 O) 3 (PO 4)(PO 3 OH)В·H 2 O, a new mineral from Fumade, Tarn, France ...

Farmhouse rental in St Etienne D'Albagnan with walking, beach ...

About the home. La Fumade is a large French farmhouse, renovated with everything you might need for a relaxing and comfortable holiday in the hills of southern France.

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Castelnau-de-Brassac, Tarn, Midi-PyrГ©nГ©es, France

Castelnau-de-Brassac. Fumade. Phosphate occurrence; Tungsten deposit; La Croix Saint Julien; La Croix Saint Julien (Le Clap) LamontГ©lariГ©. RouquiГ©; Pessols