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Definition of Funeral

  1. noun The solemn rites used in the disposition of a dead human body, whether such disposition be by interment, burning, or otherwise; esp., the ceremony or solemnization of interment; obsequies; burial; -- formerly used in the plural.
  2. noun The procession attending the burial of the dead; the show and accompaniments of an interment.
  3. noun A funeral sermon; -- usually in the plural.
  4. noun Per. taining to a funeral; used at the interment of the dead; as, funeral rites, honors, or ceremonies.

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Funeral - words with similar meaning

  • Arval noun A funeral feast.
  • Funebrial adjective Pertaining to a funeral or funerals; funeral; funereal.
  • Eloge noun A panegyrical funeral oration.
  • Hearselike adjective Suitable to a funeral.
  • Funerate transitive verb To bury with funeral rites.
  • Saulie noun A hired mourner at a funeral.