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Definition of Fungate

noun A salt of fungic acid.

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v. To grow rapidly like a fungus. adj. Having the form of or resembling a fungus. fungate [funТ‘gДЃt]. to produce fungus-like growths; to grow rapidly, like a - Cached - Similar

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Definition of FUNGATE. : to assume a fungal form or grow rapidly like a fungus <a bulky fungating lesion—R. F. Thoeni>. —fun·ga·tion \ˌfəŋ-ˈgā-shən\ noun - Cached - Similar

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25 Sep 2007 ... This post is written specially for Wen, who is anxious about choosing a suitable kindy for Ian. Both my sons are studying in a fungates kindy and - Cached - Similar

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Medical Dictionary. fungate funВ·gate (fЕ­ng'gДЃt') v. funВ·gatВ·ed, funВ·gatВ·ing, funВ·gates . To grow rapidly like a fungus. adj. Having the form of or resembling a - Cached - Similar

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