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Definition of Furling

p. pr. & vb. n. of Furl

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  • Footrope noun The rope rigged below a yard, upon which men stand when reefing or furling; -- formerly called a horse.noun That part of the...

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Furl (sailing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Furling refers to stowing or dousing a boat's sail by flaking (folding), packing (like stuffing a spinnaker into a turtle), roller furling or just lowering it onto the - Cached - Similar

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The Furlings are an advanced alien race and part of the Alliance of Four Great Races. Little - Cached - Similar

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Understand how Furling works to protect a wind turbine from high - Cached - Similar - Furling

The automatic furling system used on small windmills is, at first, one of the hardest concepts to grasp. But once you understand how it works, it all makes sense - Cached - Similar

Schaefer Marine - Jib Furling

SCHAEFER MARINE > JIB FURLERS. Schaefer Furling and Reefing systems are legendary for their ability to perform under the most adverse - Cached - Similar

FACNOR furling system

Facnor, Furling systems (Gennaker code 0 furlers - Headsail Furlers - Mainsail Furlers) - Cached - Similar

Harken: Jib Reefing and Furling

Harken furling systems let you set and furl sails from the - Cached - Similar

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ALADO Furling and Reefing System - Roller for cruising needs. Furl or reef up to two headsails. No swivels to jam or fail. Easy owner installation. No rigging - Cached - Similar

Schaefer Marine - Boom Furlers

For years, Schaefer Marine has been a leader in headsail furling and reefing systems. Now we bring the same levels of quality and engineering to a new boom - Cached - Similar