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Definition of Furrowed

The past tense and past participle of Furrow

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  • Furrowy adjective Furrowed.
  • Corrugate adjective Wrinkled; crumpled; furrowed; contracted into ridges and furrows.transitive verb To form or shape into wrinkles or...
  • Contourniated adjective Having furrowed edges, as if turned in a lathe.
  • Lacunous adjective Furrowed or pitted; having shallow cavities or lacunae; as, a lacunose leaf.
  • Lirella noun A linear apothecium furrowed along the middle; the fruit of certain lichens.
  • Porcate adjective Having grooves or furrows broader than the intervening ridges; furrowed.
  • Sulcated adjective Scored with deep and regular furrows; furrowed or grooved; as, a sulcated stem.
  • Frizel adjective A movable furrowed piece of steel struck by the flint, to throw sparks into the pan, in an early form of flintlock.
  • Rhinophore noun One of the two tentacle-like organs on the back of the head or neck of a nudibranch or tectibranch mollusk. They are usually...

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furrowed - definition of furrowed by the Free Online Dictionary ...

A long, narrow, shallow trench made in the ground by a plow. 2. A rut, groove, or narrow depression: snow drifting in furrows. 3. A deep wrinkle in the skin, as on - Cached - Similar

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LEARN MORE FUN, UNUSUAL VERBS WITH WORD DYNAMO... verb (used without object). 5. to become furrowed. Origin: before 900; Middle English forwe, - Cached - Similar

Woman With Furrowed Brow On Airplane Carefully Studies Article ...

6 Nov 2011 ... NAPERVILLE, IL—Displaying levels of human concentration usually reserved for deciphering military codes or performing cardiac surgery, ,26516/ - Cached - Similar

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furrowed adjective - definition, audio pronunciation, synonyms and more for furrowed adjective: : See more in British English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionary - Cached - Similar

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How to use furrow in a sentence. Example sentences with the - Cached - Similar | furrowed | Wцrterbuch Englisch-Deutsch

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Furrowed brows at budget meet - The Telegraph

1 Feb 2012 ... Ranchi, Jan. 31: Chief minister Arjun Munda was in a huddle with senior bureaucrats today to begin preparations on deciding the outlay for the - Cached - Similar

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Furrowed Brow Smile. Tuesday, 28 February, 2012. In the meantime and in- between time. In which Kurt escorts Hagrid to the wrestling hotel - a melancholy tale - Cached - Similar