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Definition of Fusee

  1. noun A flintlock gun. See 2d Fusil.
  2. noun A fuse. See Fuse, n.
  3. noun A kind of match for lighting a pipe or cigar.
  4. noun A small packet of explosive material with wire appendages allowing it to be conveniently attached to a railroad track. It will explode with a loud report when run over by a train, and is used to provide a warning signal to the engineer.
  5. noun The track of a buck.
  6. noun The cone or conical wheel of a watch or clock, designed to equalize the power of the mainspring by having the chain from the barrel which contains the spring wind in a spiral groove on the surface of the cone in such a manner that the diameter of the cone at the point where the chain acts may correspond with the degree of tension of the spring.
  7. noun A similar wheel used in other machinery.

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Fusee (horology). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Used in antique spring-powered mechanical watches and clocks, a fusee - Cached - Similar

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fusee - definition of fusee by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...

A friction match with a large head capable of burning in a wind. 2. A colored flare used as a warning signal for trucks and railroad trains. 3. A cone-shaped pulley - Cached - Similar

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30 Aug 2011 ... a conical spirally grooved pulley in a timepiece from which a cord or chain unwinds onto a cylinder containing the mainspring and which by its - Cached - Similar

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