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Definition of Fustic

noun The wood of the Maclura tinctoria, a tree growing in the West Indies, used in dyeing yellow; -- called also old fustic.

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  • Moric adjective Pertaining to, or derived from, fustic (see Morin
  • Zantewood noun A yellow dyewood; fustet; -- called also zante, and zante fustic. See Fustet, and the Note under Fustic.noun Satinwood...
  • Morin noun A yellow crystalline substance of acid properties extracted from fustic (Maclura tinctoria, formerly called Morus tinctoria
  • Morintannic adjective Pertaining to, or designating, a variety of tannic acid extracted from fustic (Maclura, formerly Morus, tinctoria

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Fustic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Fustic may refer to: Old Fustic В· Young Fustic В· Disambiguation icon - Cached - Similar

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the wood of a tropical American tree (Chlorophora tinctoria) of the mulberry family that yields a yellow dye; also : any of several similar dyewoods. See fustic - Cached - Similar

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either of two natural dyes. Old fustic, or yellowwood, is derived from the heartwood of dyer's mulberry, a large, tropical American tree (Chlorophora tinctoria, - Cached - Similar

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Fustic House, Barbados, 'one of the treasures of the Caribbean' (The National Trust). Eleven acre plantation estate for private rental, close to beach. Sleeps - Cached - Similar

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A small dioecious tropical American tree (Chlorophora tinctoria) having wood that yields a yellow dyestuff. 2. The wood of this plant. 3. A dyestuff obtained from - Cached - Similar

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Fustic shavings and extract for sale for home natural - Cached - Similar

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the wood of a large, tropical American tree, Chlorophora tinctoria, of the mulberry family, yielding a light-yellow dye. 2. the tree itself. 3. the dye. 4. any of several - Cached - Similar

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Fustic House is a privately owned 11-acre estate that dates back to 1740. The extensive property with mesmersing panoramic views of the Caribbean coastline - Cached - Similar

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...nor can I tell to this day what wood to call the tree we cut down, except that it was very like the tree we call fustic, or between that and the Nicaragua wood, for it - Cached - Similar