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Definition of Fusty

  1. superlative degree Moldy; musty; ill-smelling; rank.
  2. superlative degree Moping.

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  • Foistied adjective Fusty.
  • Foisty adjective Fusty; musty.
  • Fusiness noun A fusty state or quality; moldiness; mustiness; an ill smell from moldiness.

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Apr 9, 2011 ... British : impaired by age or dampness : moldy. 2. : saturated with dust and stale odors : musty. 3. : rigidly old-fashioned or reactionary. — fus·ti·ly ...

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Dec 28, 2011 ... fusty \FUHS-tee\ ... smell the fusty camphor-reeking shawl and even the airless black cotton umbrella in which (he would not discover until they ...

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fusty. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search ... [edit] Adjective. fusty (comparative fustier, superlative fustiest). moldy or musty ...

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adj. fusВ·tiВ·er, fusВ·tiВ·est. 1. Smelling of mildew or decay; musty. 2. Old-fashioned; antique. [Middle English, from Old French fust, piece of wood, wine cask, from ...

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fusty adjective (SMELL) - definition, audio pronunciation, synonyms and more for fusty adjective (SMELL): not fresh and smelling unpleasant especially because ...

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Feb 25, 2012 ... Mister Fusty” is the musical pseudonym of Rob Gibson, of Whitley Bay, England. He's produced several albums and EPs of lo-fi electronic/. | fusty | Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch

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