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Definition of Garefowl

noun The great auk; also, the razorbill. See Auk.

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This has led to an alternative common name for the bird, "garefowl" or "gairfowl". Spanish and Portuguese sailors called the bird pingГјinos. The Inuit name for ...

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gare·fowl. noun \ˈga(a)(ə)rˌfau̇l\. pl garefowl or garefowls. Definition of GAREFOWL. : great auk. Origin of GAREFOWL. of Scand origin; akin to ON geirfugl ...

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Jun 22, 2007 ... Upon arriving at the Denver International Airport on a recent trip a couple of large murals on the walls greatly surprised me. I now wish that I ...

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Gare·fowl n. (Zoöl.) The great auk; also, the razorbill. See Auk . [Written also gairfowl , and gurfel .]

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The Great Auk explores what little was known about this extinct bird.

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The habits of the Garefowl appear to have led it to frequent those isolated ... of the opinion that in 1758 the Garefowl was breeding on some isolated skerry ...


Oct 6, 2006 ... GARE-FOWL 1 (Icelandic, Geirfugl; Gaelic, Gearbhul), the anglicized form of the Hebridean name of a large sea-bird now considered extinct, ...