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Definition of Gastrovascular

adjective Having the structure, or performing the functions, both of digestive and circulatory organs; as, the gastrovascular cavity of c/lenterates.

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Gastro vascular cavity, as the name indicates, functions in both digestion and the distribution of nutrients and particles to all parts of the body. Organisms - Cached - Similar

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gasВ·troВ·vasВ·cuВ·lar (g s tr -v s ky -l r). adj. Having both a digestive and a circulatory function. Used especially to describe the body cavity of a - Cached - Similar

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gasВ·troВ·vasВ·cuВ·lar. adj \ЛЊgas-trЕЌ-Л€vas-kyЙ™-lЙ™r\. Definition of GASTROVASCULAR. : functioning in both digestion and circulation <the gastrovascular cavity of a - Cached - Similar

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Gastrovascular cavity - Description: Gastro vascular cavity, as the name indicates , functions in both digestion and the distribution of nutrients and particles to all - Cached - Similar

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A gastrovascular cavity is a digestive sac with only a single opening. A complete digestive tract (otherwise known as an Alimentary canal) has two openings (a a_complete_digesti

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