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Definition of Geat

noun The channel or spout through which molten metal runs into a mold in casting.

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  • Git noun See Geat.
  • Tedge noun The gate of a mold, through which the melted metal is poured; runner, geat.

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Definition of GEAT: a member of a Scandinavian people of southern Sweden to which the legendary hero Beowulf belonged — Geat·ish \ ˈ gē-tish, ˈ gā-, OE ˈ yaə ...

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Geat Geat\, n. [See Gate a door.] (Founding) The channel or spout through which molten metal runs into a mold in casting. [Written also git , gate

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Geat (g t, y t) n. A member of an ancient Germanic people of southern Sweden conquered by the Swedes in the sixth century a.d. [Old English G at.]

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Anything that is not a Norn, Ettin or Grendel is classified as a Geat. Please note that Geats are no

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Yes, it is not a typo. It is not "great" and not "get." The word "Geat" really exists in the English language, even though it is not known to about 99.9 percent of ...

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Gautr, Gauti, Guti, Gothus and Geat are name forms based on the same Proto-Germanic root, * ЗҐuД‘- (see God). Gapt is generally considered to be a ...

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A member of a North Germanic tribe formerly occupying modern Götaland in Sweden.

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