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Definition of Gedd

noun The European pike.

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  • Ged noun Alt. of Gedd

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Gedds are a species of aliens in the Animorphs book series. They evolved on the same planet as the Yeerks. The Gedds are a primate-like species, with terrible - Cached - Similar

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Gedds are blue monkey-like creatures native to the Yeerk homeworld and were the first species the - Cached - Similar

Gene Expression in Development and Disease (GEDD) Laboratory ...

19 Aug 2010 ... MSU's Gene Expression in Development and Disease (GEDD) initiative focuses on enhanced researcher training; the provision of bioinformatic - Cached - Similar

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14) Finally, it is possible that the paradigm of i-stems, in particular of masculine short-stemmed nouns, may have been occasionally influenced by the inflection of - Cached - Similar - Grupo de Estudos de Direito Desportivo

EM CONSTRUР—Р“ - Cached - Similar

GEDD v3.0

GEDD. Multi Loose Tube Cables. Universal – Indoor / Outdoor - Corrugated Steel Tape Armor (CST). A/I-DF(ZN)H(SR)H. Full Rodent Protection. Ordering - Cached - Similar

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GEDD definition: Gunn-Effect Digital Device (SAUS) - Cached - Similar

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Forecast: Auroral activity will be quiet. Weather permitting, quiet displays will be visible directly overhead from Barrow to Fort Yukon and visible low on the - Cached - Similar