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Definition of Geese

  1. noun pl. of Goose.
  2. plural of Goose

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  • Goosery noun A place for keeping geese.noun The characteristics or actions of a goose; silliness.
  • Gosherd noun One who takes care of geese.
  • Lamellirostral adjective Having a lamellate bill, as ducks and geese.
  • Gargil noun A distemper in geese, affecting the head.
  • Chenomorphae noun plural An order of birds, including the swans, ducks, geese, flamingoes and screamers.
  • Anseriformes noun plural A division of birds including the geese, ducks, and closely allied forms.
  • Axunge noun Fat; grease; esp. the fat of pigs or geese; usually (Pharm.

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