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Definition of Gelid

adjective Cold; very cold; frozen.

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  • Gelidity noun The state of being gelid.
  • Gelidly adverb In a gelid manner; coldly.
  • Gelidness noun The state of being gelid; gelidity.
  • Cold noun Deprived of heat, or having a low temperature; not warm or hot; gelid; frigid.noun Lacking the sensation of warmth;...

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Gelid - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ...

Definition of GELID: extremely cold : icy <gelid water> <a man of gelid reserve — New Yorker> — ge·lid·i·ty \jə-ˈ li-də-tē, je-\ noun — gel·id·ly \ ˈ ...

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adjective very cold; icy. Origin: 1600–10; < Latin gelidus icy cold, equivalent to gel ( um ) frost, cold + -idus -id 4 Related forms ge·lid·i·ty / dʒəˈlɪd ...

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gelid - definition of gelid by the Free Online Dictionary ...

gelВ·id (j l d) adj. Very cold; icy: gelid ocean waters. See Synonyms at cold. [Latin gelidus, from gel, frost; see gel-in Indo-European roots.] geВ·lid iВ·ty (j-l d ...

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noun: freezing. Synonyms: chilly , cold , frozen , iced, icy adjective: cold, raw. Synonyms: arctic, biting , bleak , brisk , chilly, cool ...

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gelid adj. Very cold; icy: gelid ocean waters. See synonyms at cold . [Latin gelidus , from gel , frost.] gelidity gelid ' ity or gel ' idness n

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Very cold; icy or frosty. New Yorker. (Can we date this quote?) A man of gelid reserve. В· 2005 - Robert Jordan, Knife of Dreams In the worst of summer the ...

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