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Definition of Gemara

noun The second part of the Talmud, or the commentary on the Mishna (which forms the first part or text

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  • Gemaric adjective Pertaining to the Gemara.
  • Gemarist noun One versed in the Gemara, or adhering to its teachings.

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Comprehensive daily audio lessons on the Daf Yomi by R. Eli Mansour. Includes an image of the daily daf and podcast options.

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Terminology The main body of the page, occupying its centre and printed in formal block letters, is the Talmud, or Gemara. Both these synonymous terms derive from ...

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The Gemara (also Gemorah) ('Ч’ЧћЧЁЧђ' - from gamar: Hebrew (to complete); Aramaic (to study) is the part of the Talmud that contains rabbinical commentaries and ...

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The Gemara Marking System is used worldwide by beginning and advanced students alike, to gain clarity in pshat, using a precise method to analyze the sugya's ... Meilah 19A

Online copy of original Talmud (in Gif format), page by page.

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Gemara are the teachings transmitted by the rabbis in the centuries following the destruction of the Second Temple, which formed the core of what has come to be known ...