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Definition of Geminal

adjective A pair.

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In chemistry, the term geminal (from Latin gemini = twins) refers to the relationship between two functional groups that are attached to the same atom. The prefix - Cached - Similar

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1 Dec 2011 ... Definition of GEMINAL. : relating to or characterized by two usually similar substituents on the same atom. — gem·i·nal·ly \-nəl-ē\ adverb - Cached - Similar

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geminal ( jemnl ) ( organic chemistry ) Referring to like atoms or groups attached to the same atom in a - Cached - Similar

5.4 Geminal Proton-Proton Couplings (

Geminal couplings between protons vary widely in sign and magnitude. There are both positive and negative substituent effects on the coupling, as summarized - Cached - Similar

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Geminal definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! - Cached - Similar

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The geminal dimethyl groups on every other carbon of the PIB backbone cause modification in the bond angles of these chains, and allow them to pack much - Cached - Similar

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25 Jan 2012 ... Strong Electronic and Counterion Effects on Geminal Digold Formation and Reactivity as Revealed by Gold(I)–Aryl Model Complexes† - Similar

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▶adjective Chemistry denoting substituent atoms or groups, especially protons, attached to the same atom in a molecule. – derivatives geminally - Cached - Similar

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Hydroboration of the electron poor phosphine (1-propenyl)P(C6F5)2 with Piers' borane [HB(C6F5)2] gave the geminal frustrated Lewis pair - Similar