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Definition of Gemmate

adjective Having buds; reproducing by buds.

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gemВ·mate (j m t ). adj. Having or reproducing by gemmae. intr.v. gemВ·matВ·ed, gem В·matВ·ing, gemВ·mates. To produce gemmae or reproduce by means of - Cached - Similar

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/Л€dК’Й›meЙЄt/ Show Spelled [jem-eyt] Show IPA adjective, verb, gemВ·matВ·ed, gemВ· matВ·ing. Botany, Zoology. adjective. 1. having buds; increasing by - Cached - Similar

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gemmate. 2 ENTRIES FOUND: 1) gemmate (adjective) В· 2) gemmate (intransitive verb). 1gemВ·mate. adj \Л€jeЛЊmДЃt\. Definition of GEMMATE. 1. : having gemmae - Cached - Similar

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gemmate. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation ... [ edit] Verb. gemmate. second-person plural present indicative of gemmare - Cached - Similar

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gemmate. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Email. ReferenceAnswers. Home; Search; Settings; Top Contributors; Help Center; Englishв–ј - Cached - Similar

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17 Mar 2012 ... I have to admit, as the world of K-pop revs up and mainstream matters flail about with their neon colors and bright lights, it is truly refreshing to - Cached - Similar

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17 Mar 2011 ... gemmate - Open an application's gem dependencies in TextMate. - Cached - Similar

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gemmate - Meaning and definition. ... Gemmate Gem'mate adjective [ Latin gemmatus , past participle of gemmare to put forth buds, from gemma bud.] ( Botany) - Cached - Similar