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Definition of Gemote

transitive verb A meeting; -- used in combination, as, Witenagemote, an assembly of the wise men.

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dictionary. Financial dictionary. Acronyms. Idioms. Encyclopedia. Wikipedia encyclopedia ? Gemote. Also found in: Legal, 0.01 sec. geВ·mot also geВ·mote (g - m t ) - Cached - Similar

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gemot or gemote (ɡɪˈməʊt). —n. (in Anglo-Saxon England) a legal or administrative assembly of a community, such as a shire or hundred. [Old English gemōt - Cached - Similar

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Is Gemote a Scrabble word? Is it Scrabble dictionary, and What is Gemote definition, Anagrams of Gemote, Scrabble score for Gemote, images of Gemote, and - Cached - Similar

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his conquest of the realm was followed by the gathering of a new gemote at Oxford ... — John Richard Green, Stray Studies from England and Italy, 1876 - Cached - Similar

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Ge`moteТ‘ n. 1. (AS. Hist.) A meeting; an assembly of the wise - Cached - Similar

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Dictionary - Definition of gemote. ... Date "Gemote" was first used in popular English literature: sometime before 990. (references) - Similar