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  • Gems-horn noun An organ stop with conical tin pipes.
  • Gemmeous adjective Pertaining to gems; of the nature of gems; resembling gems.
  • Begem transitive verb To adorn with gems, or as with gems.
  • Gemmiferous adjective Producing gems or budsadjective multiplying by buds.
  • Gemmary adjective Of or pertaining to gems.noun A receptacle for jewels or gems; a jewel house; jewels or gems, collectively.
  • Dactyliography noun The art of writing or engraving upon gems.noun In general, the literature or history of the art.
  • Lithoglyptics noun The art of cutting and engraving gems.
  • Gemmated adjective Having buds; adorned with gems or jewels.
  • Gemmy noun Full of gems; bright; glittering like a gem.noun Spruce; smart.

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