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Definition of Genial

  1. adjective Same as Genian.
  2. adjective Contributing to, or concerned in, propagation or production; generative; procreative; productive.
  3. adjective Contributing to, and sympathizing with, the enjoyment of life; sympathetically cheerful and cheering; jovial and inspiring joy or happiness; exciting pleasure and sympathy; enlivening; kindly; as, she was of a cheerful and genial disposition.
  4. adjective Belonging to one's genius or natural character; native; natural; inborn.
  5. adjective Denoting or marked with genius; belonging to the higher nature.

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  • Genialness noun The quality of being genial.
  • Bask transitive verb To lie in warmth; to be exposed to genial heat.transitive verb To warm by continued exposure to heat; to warm...

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obsolete : of or relating to marriage or generation <the genial bed — John Milton >. 2. obsolete : inborn, native. 3. a : favorable to growth or comfort : mild <genial ...

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Having a pleasant or friendly disposition or manner. See Synonyms at gracious. 2. Conducive to life, growth, or comfort; mild: "the genial sunshine . . . saturating ...

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genial (comparative more genial, superlative most genial) ... The well breath'd youth, hot-mettled, and flush with genial juices, was now fairly in for making me ...

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In the past, Knizia has used this mechanic to develop highly complicated games, but with Einfach Genial, he has distilled the mechanic down to its purest form.

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Definition of genial : If you're friendly and outgoing, you're genial . You can be a genial host or a genial guest.

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What does the French word gГ©nial mean? How is it pronounced and used?

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Genial, Genialis, or Genealis was the Duke of Gascony (Vasconia) in the early seventh century. He is attested in the Chronicle of Fredegar. Genial was probably ...

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