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Definition of Gens

  1. adjective A clan or family connection, embracing several families of the same stock, who had a common name and certain common religious rites; a subdivision of the Roman curia or tribe.
  2. adjective A minor subdivision of a tribe, among American aborigines. It includes those who have a common descent, and bear the same totem.

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Open source emulator for BeOS, Linux, and Windows. Multilanguage and Sega CD support.

The Emulator Zone - Gens

Gens has been developing for a long time in the Windows platform until it was even ported to BEos and Linux, this means that one of the best emulators can be used by ...

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Gens is a free Sega Genesis emulator. It runs on Windows systems (using DirectX), on GNU / Linux (using SDL) and on Microsoft's Xbox. A port to the Sega Dreamcast ...

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generations В· A legally defined unit of Roman society closest in meaning to and translated by English clan, but not identical to it. The gens was a ...


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Gens, free download. Gens 2.14: Sega Megadrive emulator. If you are nostalgic for the days when you had a Sega Megadrive then you will love Gens which emulates

Gens | Free System Administration software downloads at ...

Gens is a win32/unix Sega Genesis / Sega CD / Sega 32X emulator.

Gens Ace RC Upgrades for RC Champions (ROAR Racing Approved)

Gens Ace is one of the top rank battery corporations with deep research and manufacturing on NIMH, LI-PO, LI-FE by the effort of 200 professional engineers and ...

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noun, plural genВ·tes . 1. a group of families in ancient Rome claiming descent from a common ancestor and united by a common name and common ancestral religious ...