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Definition of Gentle

  1. superlative degree Well-born; of a good family or respectable birth, though not noble.
  2. superlative degree Quiet and refined in manners; not rough, harsh, or stern; mild; meek; bland; amiable; tender; as, a gentle nature, temper, or disposition; a gentle manner; a gentle address; a gentle voice.
  3. superlative degree A compellative of respect, consideration, or conciliation; as, gentle reader.
  4. superlative degree Not wild, turbulent, or refractory; quiet and docile; tame; peaceable; as, a gentle horse.
  5. superlative degree Soft; not violent or rough; not strong, loud, or disturbing; easy; soothing; pacific; as, a gentle touch; a gentle gallop .
  6. noun One well born; a gentleman.
  7. noun A trained falcon. See Falcon-gentil.
  8. noun A dipterous larva used as fish bait.
  9. transitive verb To make genteel; to raise from the vulgar; to ennoble.
  10. transitive verb To make smooth, cozy, or agreeable.
  11. transitive verb To make kind and docile, as a horse.

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/Л€dК’Й›ntl/ Show Spelled [jen-tl] Show IPA adjective, genВ·tler, genВ·tlest, verb, genВ· tled, genВ·tling. adjective. 1. kindly; amiable: a gentle manner. 2. not severe ...

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adj. genВ·tler, genВ·tlest. 1. Considerate or kindly in disposition; amiable and tender . 2. Not harsh or severe; mild and soft: a gentle scolding; a gentle tapping at the ...


Sep 29, 2004 ... GPL software for viewing and editing DNA and amino acid sequences. Integrated alignment, PCR, BLAST searches, and shared databases.

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Gentle (Nezhno Abidemi) is a fictional character, a mutant in the Marvel Comics Universe, and a member of the student body of the Xavier Institute. He is one of ...

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