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Definition of Geode

  1. noun A nodule of stone, containing a cavity, lined with crystals or mineral matter.
  2. noun The cavity in such a nodule.

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  • Druse noun A cavity in a rock, having its interior surface studded with crystals and sometimes filled with water; a geode.noun One of a...

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geodes are sphere-shaped stones, usually at least partially hollow; geodes are often lined inside with sparkling mineral crystals or concentric layers of minerals

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What Is A Geode? The mysterious earth-shaped geodes have long challenged geologist to explain how they are formed. Geodes are a variable phenomenon and, therefore ...

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Crystals of quartz reflect from the partially hollow interior of this 8-inch diameter geode from the Warsaw Shale of southeastern Iowa.

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Geode Artist: The Recipe Rating: Release Date: September 26, 2000 Type: Lyrics are included with the album Genre: Rock Review The Recipe isn't easy to

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A geode is a rock with a special surprise inside. From the exterior, a geode appears to be a boring round-shaped rock with little to capture one's attention. If a ...

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noun 1. a hollow concretionary or nodular stone often lined with crystals. 2. the hollow or cavity of this. 3. any similar formation. Geode Rocks Geode ...