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Definition of Geodesy

noun That branch of applied mathematics which determines, by means of observations and measurements, the figures and areas of large portions of the earth's surface, or the general figure and dimenshions of the earth; or that branch of surveying in which the curvature of the earth is taken into account, as in the surveys of States, or of long lines of coast.

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  • Geodetics noun Same as Geodesy.
  • Geodesist noun One versed in geodesy.
  • Geodesical adjective Of or pertaining to geodesy; geodetic.
  • Geodetical adjective Of or pertaining to geodesy; obtained or determined by the operations of geodesy; engaged in geodesy; geodesic; as,...
  • Geodetically adverb In a geodetic manner; according to geodesy.
  • Hypsometry noun That branch of the science of geodesy which has to do with the measurement of heights, either absolutely with reference to...

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