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Definition of Geometry

  1. noun That branch of mathematics which investigates the relations, properties, and measurement of solids, surfaces, lines, and angles; the science which treats of the properties and relations of magnitudes; the science of the relations of space.
  2. noun A treatise on this science.

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  • Geometries plural of Geometry
  • Geometral adjective Pertaining to geometry.
  • Geometer noun One skilled in geometry; a geometrician; a mathematician.noun Any species of geometrid moth; a geometrid.
  • Geometrically adverb According to the rules or laws of geometry.
  • Geometrician noun One skilled in geometry; a geometer; a mathematician.
  • Euclidian noun Related to Euclid, or to the geometry of Euclid.
  • Geometrical adjective Pertaining to, or according to the rules or principles of, geometry; determined by geometry; as, a geometrical solution...
  • Euclid noun A Greek geometer of the 3d century b. c.; also, his treatise on geometry, and hence, the principles of geometry, in general.
  • Conics noun That branch of geometry which treats of the cone and the curves which arise from its sections.noun Conic sections.

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