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Definition of Get-up

noun General composition or structure; manner in which the parts of a thing are combined; make-up; style of dress, etc.

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GetUp! Action for Australia

An independent movement to build a progressive Australia and bring participation back into our - Cached - Similar

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24 Aug 2011 ... He came onstage in a cowboy getup. a guy in a crazy getup. First Known Use of GETUP. 1847. Related to GETUP. Synonyms: costume, drag - Cached - Similar

SModcast | Get Up On This

#039 Get Up On This #39: w/ Howard Kremer. May 1, 2012 ... #036 Get Up On This #36: w/ Greg “Craola” Simkins. Apr 10, 2012 - Artist Greg Simkins joins - Cached - Similar

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GetUp! is a left-leaning Australian activist group that campaigns on issues important to its members. It was launched in August 2005, the week that the Coalition! - Cached - Similar

How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off

25 Apr 2006 ... When your alarm wakes you up in the morning, is it hard for you to get up right away? Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button and going off/ - Cached - Sim

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Sign up for Twitter to follow GetUp! (@GetUp). Independent, not-for-profit, community action for - Cached - Similar

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v. got (g t), gotВ·ten (g t n) or got, getВ·ting, gets. 1. a. To come into possession or use of; receive: got a cat for her birthday. b. To meet with or incur: got nothing - Cached - Similar