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Definition of Go

  1. past participle Gone.
  2. intransitive verb To pass from one place to another; to be in motion; to be in a state not motionless or at rest; to proceed; to advance; to make progress; -- used, in various applications, of the movement of both animate and inanimate beings, by whatever means, and also of the movements of the mind; also figuratively applied.
  3. intransitive verb To move upon the feet, or step by step; to walk; also, to walk step by step, or leisurely.
  4. intransitive verb To be passed on fron one to another; to pass; to circulate; hence, with for, to have currency; to be taken, accepted, or regarded.
  5. intransitive verb To proceed or happen in a given manner; to fare; to move on or be carried on; to have course; to come to an issue or result; to succeed; to turn out.
  6. intransitive verb To proceed or tend toward a result, consequence, or product; to tend; to conduce; to be an ingredient; to avail; to apply; to contribute; -- often with the infinitive; as, this goes to show.
  7. intransitive verb To apply one's self; to set one's self; to undertake.
  8. intransitive verb To proceed by a mental operation; to pass in mind or by an act of the memory or imagination; -- generally with over or through.
  9. intransitive verb To be with young; to be pregnant; to gestate.
  10. intransitive verb To move from the person speaking, or from the point whence the action is contemplated; to pass away; to leave; to depart; -- in opposition to stay and come.
  11. intransitive verb To pass away; to depart forever; to be lost or ruined; to perish; to decline; to decease; to die.
  12. intransitive verb To reach; to extend; to lead; as, a line goes across the street; his land goes to the river; this road goes to New York.
  13. intransitive verb To have recourse; to resort; as, to go to law.
  14. transitive verb To take, as a share in an enterprise; to undertake or become responsible for; to bear a part in.
  15. transitive verb To bet or wager; as, I'll go you a shilling.
  16. noun Act; working; operation.
  17. noun A circumstance or occurrence; an incident.
  18. noun The fashion or mode; as, quite the go.
  19. noun Noisy merriment; as, a high go.
  20. noun A glass of spirits.
  21. noun Power of going or doing; energy; vitality; perseverance; push; as, there is no go in him.
  22. noun That condition in the course of the game when a player can not lay down a card which will not carry the aggregate count above thirty-one.

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  • Go-by noun A passing without notice; intentional neglect; thrusting away; a shifting off; adieu; as, to give a proposal the go-by.

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