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Definition of Gobbet

  1. noun A mouthful; a lump; a small piece.
  2. transitive verb To swallow greedily; to swallow in gobbets.

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In modern usage, a gobbet is an extract of text, or image, provided as a context for analysis, translation or discussion in an examination. The Oxford English ...

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gobВ·bet (g b t) n. 1. A piece or chunk, especially of raw meat. 2. A bit or morsel: a diary containing gobbets of useful information. 3. A small amount of liquid; a ...

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Definition of GOBBET. 1: a piece or portion (as of meat) 2: lump, mass. 3: a small fragment or extract <a gobbet of information> 4: a small quantity of liquid : drop

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noun 1. a fragment or piece, especially of raw flesh. 2. a lump or mass. Origin: 1275–1325; Middle English gobet < Old French: a mouthful, diminutive of gobe. See -et

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ARK CODEX ±0 is forthcoming from Calamari Press. ARK CODEX ±0 speaks for itself—a self-organizing & self-contained archeological archive of language ...

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Gobbet. What is a Gobbet? Structure of Gobbet Assessment; Advantages of Gobbet Assessment; Disadvantages of Gobbet Assessment; How to design a good Gobbet Assessment

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In a God War Wonder of Snore Experimentation Hissed At. Techniques wild steady contact sockets failed hula Smirnoff in the necktie area only. New hustles ...

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How to use gobbet in a sentence. Example sentences with the word gobbet. gobbet example sentences.

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It occurred to me one day that my blog entries at Rubor Dolor Calor Tumor would make good short podcasts, especially since reading is so last century.