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Definition of Gobble

  1. transitive verb To swallow or eat greedily or hastily; to gulp.
  2. transitive verb To utter (a sound
  3. intransitive verb To eat greedily.
  4. intransitive verb To make a noise like that of a turkey cock.
  5. noun A noise made in the throat.

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  • Gobbled The past tense and past participle of Gobble
  • Gobbling p. pr. & vb. n. of Gobble

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gobble v. , -bled , -bling , -bles . To devour in greedy gulps. To take greedily; grab: gobbled up the few remaining tickets

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gobВ·ble 1 (g b l) v. gobВ·bled, gobВ·bling, gobВ·bles. 1. To devour in greedy gulps. 2. To take greedily; grab: gobbled up the few remaining tickets.

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verb (used with object) 1. to swallow or eat hastily or hungrily in large pieces; gulp. 2. to seize upon eagerly (often followed by up ): After being gone for so long ...

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Definition of GOBBLE. transitive verb. 1: to swallow or eat greedily . 2: to take eagerly : grab —usually used with up. 3: to read rapidly or greedily —usually ...

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Gobble may refer to: Jimmy Gobble (b. 1981), Major League Baseball pitcher Gobble Goblin, a fictional character in Piers Anthony's Goblin family of Xanth A turkey ...