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Definition of Goblin

noun An evil or mischievous spirit; a playful or malicious elf; a frightful phantom; a gnome.

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  • Bogey noun A goblin; a bugbear. See Bogy.
  • Goblinize transitive verb To transform into a goblin.
  • Ouphe noun A fairy; a goblin; an elf.
  • Barghest noun A goblin, in the shape of a large dog, portending misfortune.
  • Bogle noun A goblin; a specter; a frightful phantom; a bogy; a bugbear.
  • Hobgoblin noun A frightful goblin; an imp; a bugaboo; also, a name formerly given to the household spirit, Robin Goodfellow.

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A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous creature; a grotesquely evil or evil- like phantom. They are attributed with various (sometimes conflicting) abilities, ...

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