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Definition of Godhood

noun Divine nature or essence; deity; godhead.

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  • Godhead noun Godship; deity; divinity; divine nature or essence; godhood.noun The Deity; God; the Supreme Being.noun A god or goddess; a...

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30 Jul 2011 ... <according to Greek myth, Hercules was granted godhood after his death>. First Known Use of GODHOOD. 1563. Related to GODHOOD - Cached - Similar

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Also found in: Legal, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Hutchinson, 0.01 sec. godВ·hood (g d h d ). n. The quality or state of being a god; divinity. godhood [Л€gЙ’dЛЊhКЉd]. n - Cached - Similar

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The word godhood means the state of being god. ... If it can be shown that man logically progresses to godhood, as perhaps a child advances logically to - Cached - Similar

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godhood. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search ... [edit] Noun. godhood (uncountable). The state of being a god; divinity - Cached - Similar

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... the definite article — are sometimes used as to denote 'god(s) or certain other beings and entities which fall short of godhood but lie outside the human - Cached - Similar

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His Puritan and Calvinist background no doubt inspired him to write Godhood of God. These traditions emphasize the absolute power of God. "What is Godhood - Cached - Similar

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The Godhood of God! What is meant by this expression? Ah, sad it is that such a question needs to be asked and answered. And yet it does: for a generation has - Cached - Similar

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Godhood is obtained by performing combos in a battle, the Rosary being the easiest way to do this. The Traveller's Charm increases Godhood by 1 level and the - Cached - Similar

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19 Apr 2012 ... A few days ago, while visiting my parents, I noticed an article printed out on their ( not for) coffee table that was about grace. I didn't get a chance - Cached - Similar