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Definition of Godlike

adjective Resembling or befitting a god or God; divine; hence, preeminently good; as, godlike virtue.

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  • Deiform adjective Godlike, or of a godlike form.adjective Conformable to the will of God.
  • Entheastic adjective Of godlike energy; inspired.
  • Deified adjective Honored or worshiped as a deity; treated with supreme regard; godlike.The past tense and past participle of Deify
  • Divinely adverb In a divine or godlike manner; holily; admirably or excellently in a supreme degree.adverb By the agency or influence of...

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resembling or having the qualities of God or a god : divine. — god·like·ness noun. Examples of GODLIKE. <the godlike splendor of creation>. First Known Use of - Cached - Similar

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Resembling or of the nature of a god or God; divine. god like ness n. godlike [ Л€gЙ’dЛЊlaЙЄk]. adj. resembling or befitting a god or God; divine. ThesaurusLegend : - Cached - Similar

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