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Definition of Goods

noun plural See Good, n., 3.

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  • Steelbow goods Those goods on a farm, such as corn, cattle, implements husbandry, etc., which may not be carried off by a removing tenant, as...
  • Dress goods A term applied to fabrics for the gowns of women and girls; -- most commonly to fabrics of mixed materials, but also applicable...
  • Dry goods A commercial name for textile fabrics, cottons, woolens, linen, silks, laces, etc., -- in distinction from groceries.
  • Bona peritura Perishable goods.
  • Goodless adjective Having no goods.
  • Avoirdupois noun Goods sold by weight.noun Avoirdupois weight.noun Weight; heaviness; as, a woman of much avoirdupois.

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In economics, a good is something that is intended to satisfy some wants or needs of a consumer and thus has economic utility. It is normally used in the plural ...

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Goods may refer to;. Good (economics), physical (tangible) product; Personal property, legal ...

Good's Furniture

Information on the furniture store that includes a bed and breakfast, restaurant, barber shop and gift shop.

GOODS: The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey

GOODS unites extremely deep observations from NASA's Great Observatories, Spitzer, Hubble, and Chandra, ESA's Herschel and XMM-Newton, and from the ...

Goods BMX

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/gКЉd/ Show Spelled [good] Show IPA adjective, betВ·ter, best, noun, interjection, adverb. adjective. 1. morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man. 2.


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Traditional Good family shopping throughout Lancaster and Lebanon County PA. Specializing in Dutch and Mennonite goods.


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