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noun An Indian goat antelope (Nemorhedus goral

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The gorals are four species in the genus Nemorhaedus or Naemorhedus. They are small ungulates with a goat-like or antelope-like appearance. The original - Cached - Similar

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Thai Wildlife : Rare or Extinct : Goral (Chinese Goral)

Synonyms: Naemorhedus griseus (Milne-Edwards, 1872); Naemorhedus goral ( Hardwicje, 1825); Antilope caudata (Milne-Edwards, 1867); Antilope cinerea - Cached - Similar

Naemorhedus goral (Himalayan Goral, Goral)

Naemorhedus goral goral. This subspecies, also referred to N. goral hodgsoni in China (Smith and Xie 2008), has a narrow distribution zone in China that is - Cached - Similar

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Here's a very brief history of the Goral (Highlander) people, who originated in and around the Tatra mountains. By 1000 A.D., the original Celts, Saxons and - Cached - Similar

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(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Animals) a small goat antelope, Naemorhedus goral, inhabiting mountainous regions of S Asia. It has a yellowish -grey and - Cached - Similar