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Definition of Gouged

The past tense and past participle of Bouge

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gouged - definition of gouged by the Free Online Dictionary ...

1. A chisel with a rounded, troughlike blade. 2. a. A scooping or digging action, as with such a chisel. b. A groove or hole scooped with or as if with such a chisel.

Review & Outlook: Gouged by the Wind -

2 days ago ... The Wall Street Journal reports renewable fuel mandates are raising electricity prices in the states.

Price gouging - Wikipedia on

Price gouging is a pejorative term referring to a situation in which a seller prices goods or commodities much higher than is considered reasonable or fair.

Eye-gouging - Wikipedia on

Eye-gouging is the act of pressing or tearing the eye using the fingers, other bodyparts, or instruments. Eye-gouging involves a very high risk of eye injury, such ...

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/gaКЉdК’/ Show Spelled [gouj] Show IPA noun, verb, gouged, gougВ·ing. noun. 1. a chisel having a partly cylindrical blade with the bevel on either the concave or ...

Lover Gouged My Eyes Out - ABC News

Apr 13, 2012 ... A British court today convicted a man of gouging his lover's eyes out. Shane Jenkin from Cornwall in southwest England assaulted partner Tina ...

Woman's Eyes Gouged Out by Lover | Video - ABC News

Apr 13, 2012 ... Shane Jenkin's assault of girlfriend Tina Nash left the mother of two blind.

Mother feels like she's been 'buried alive' after lover gouged out her ...

Apr 13, 2012 ... A mother who will never see her children again after her boyfriend gouged her eyes out has spoken about her ordeal for the first time and ...