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Definition of Gourde

noun A silver dollar; -- so called in Cuba, Hayti, etc.

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gourde (g rd) n. See Table at currency. [Haitian, from feminine of French gourd, dull, from Late Latin gurdus, blunt, from Latin, dullard.] gourde [gКЉЙ™d]

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Definition of GOURDE — see money table. Origin of GOURDE. American French. First Known Use: circa 1858. Rhymes with GOURDE. gourd, Kurd, urd. Browse. Next Word in ...

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noun, plural gourdes . a paper money and monetary unit of Haiti, equal to 100 centimes. Abbreviation: G., Gde. Pottery BarnВ® Botanicals Find ...

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the basic monetary unit of Haiti

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Calculator to convert money in Haitian Gourde (HTG) to and from United States Dollar (USD) using up to date exchange rates.


The gourde is the currency of Haiti. Its ISO 4217 code is HTG, and it is divided into 100 centimes.

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The unit of the Haitian currency is the Gourde, which was first introduced in 1813 after replacing the “Livre”. The Gourde has been often reval

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