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Definition of Gybe

  1. noun See Jib.
  2. n. & v. See Gibe.
  3. v. t. & v. i. To shift from one side of a vessel to the other; -- said of the boom of a fore-and-aft sail when the vessel is steered off the wind until the sail fills on the opposite side.

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  • Gybed The past tense and past participle of Gybe
  • Gybing p. pr. & vb. n. of Gybe
  • Gyb noun Alt. of Gybe
  • Jibe intransitive verb To shift, as the boom of a fore-and-aft sail, from one side of a vessel to the other when the wind is aft or on...

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Gybe may refer to: Gybe, an alternative spelling of jibe, a sailing maneuver Chinese gybe, a type of jibe To deride or tease with taunting words, also spelt "gibe" or ...

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gybe (j b) v. & n. Variant of jibe 1. gybe, jibe [dК’aЙЄb] Nautical. vb. 1. (Transport / Nautical Terms) (intr) (of a fore-and-aft sail) to shift suddenly from one ...


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jibe 1 . Can be confused: gibe , gybe, jib , jibe , jive

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To change tack with the wind crossing behind the boat. (Mostly used of boats and other small sailing craft — the corresponding manoeuver in a sailing ...

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Definition of GYBE. variant of jibe. Rhymes with GYBE. bribe, gibe, jibe, kibe, scribe, tribe, vibe. Browse. Next Word in the Dictionary: Gygis Previous Word in the ...

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