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Definition of Gybing

p. pr. & vb. n. of Gybe

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A jibe or gybe is a sailing maneuver where a sailing vessel (which is sailing in the same direction as the wind) turns its stern through the wind, such that the wind ...

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v. jibed also gybed, jibВ·ing also gybВ·ing, jibes also gybes. v.intr. To shift a fore-and -aft sail from one side of a vessel to the other while sailing before the wind so ...

J/24 Competitive Boat Handling - Chapter 3 - Gybing - YouTube

Jun 6, 2010 ... J/24 Competitive Boat Handling - Chapter 3 - Gybing ... How To Sail: How To Tack And Gybe In Sailingby StartedSailing16353 views В· Caley ...

How to Gybe a Sailboat – Gybing a Sailboat

Gybing is the act of turning a sailboat across the wind downwind. The sails move from far out on one side to far out on the other. Gybing can he a difficult, even ...

Gybing with Shirley Robertson - YouTube

Jan 27, 2011 ... Gybing master class with Olympic Medalist, Shirley Robertson.

Sailing Maneuvers - Gybing @ ABC-of-Sailing

Take a look at some guidelines in Gybing which entails altering of the course of the Sailboat by bringing the stern through the eye of the wind.

Gybing for Dummies

Gybing is hard especially in heavy winds. There is a reason you learn to tack before you gybe.

Sailing - Gybing

Gybing and Sailing: learn all about gybing a sailboat. Our easy to follow instructions and diagrams will have you gybing a sailboat like a pro in no time.

Spinnaker Handling - hoisting, lowering and gybing crew drills

Spinnaker Handling. The correct use of a spinnaker adds greatly to the efficiency and enjoyment of sailing. Whilst it is not a difficult sail to master; the early ...

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MOVE: Gybing. RIDER: Neal Gent. PHOTOS: Christian Black. The grim reality of mastering the most beautiful turns man has ever seen is that you have to get ...