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Definition of Gymnasiarch

noun An Athenian officer who superintended the gymnasia, and provided the oil and other necessaries at his own expense.

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Gymnasiarch [Latin gymnasiarchus, from Greek ОіП…ОјОЅО±ПѓОЇО±ПЃП‡ОїП‚ (gymnasiarchos) which derives from Greek ОіП…ОјОЅО±ПѓОЇОїОЅ (gymnasion, gymnasium) + бјЂПЃП‡ПЊП‚ (archos, - Cached - Similar

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(Historical Terms) (in ancient Greece) an official who supervised athletic schools and contests. 2. (Social Science / Education) Obsolete the governor or chief - Cached - Similar

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14 Jun 2009 ... The gymnasiarch was a real magistrate, and invested with a kind of ... In early times the office of gymnasiarch lasted for a year, but under the - Cached - Similar

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/dК’ЙЄmЛ€neЙЄziЛЊЙ‘rk/ Show Spelled[jim-ney-zee-ahrk] Show IPA. noun. (in ancient Greece) a magistrate who superintended the gymnasia and public games in - Cached - Similar

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Definition of GYMNASIARCH. 1. : one responsible for the training of athletes in ancient Greece. 2. : the head or head tutor of a school or college - Cached - Similar

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gymnasiarch definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also ' gymnastic','gymnasiast','gymnastics','gymnasium', Collins Reverso dictionary, English - Cached - Similar

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gymnasiarch (plural gymnasiarchs). (historical) An Athenian officer who superintended the gymnasia and paid for the oil and other necessities. Part or all of this - Cached - Similar

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Bound with Ellery H. Clark's The Olympic Games and their influence upon physical - Cached - Similar

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GYMNASIARCH is a valid Scrabble word. Play with the word gymnasiarch, see all the details about this word. Prefixes, suffixes, anagrams, - Cached - Similar