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Definition of Gymnastic

  1. adjective Alt. of Gymnastical
  2. noun A gymnast.

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  • Gymnical adjective Athletic; gymnastic.
  • Gymnastically adverb In a gymnastic manner.
  • Acrobat noun One who practices rope dancing, high vaulting, or other daring gymnastic feats.
  • Acrobatism noun Feats of the acrobat; daring gymnastic feats; high vaulting.
  • Gymnast noun One who teaches or practices gymnastic exercises; the manager of a gymnasium; an athlete.
  • Gymnastics noun Athletic or disciplinary exercises; the art of performing gymnastic exercises; also, disciplinary exercises for the...
  • Gymnastical adjective Pertaining to athletic exercises intended for health, defense, or diversion; -- said of games or exercises, as running,...

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