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Definition of Gynaeceum

noun Alt. of Gynaecium

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noun, plural gyn·ae·ce·a . (among the ancient Greeks) the part of a dwelling used by women. Origin: 1600–10; < Latin gynaecēum < Greek gynaikeíon, equivalent ...

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in ancient Greek and Roman houses, the section of rooms set apart for women; gynoecium

The Gynaeceum

'Eduardo' argues that in the old gynaeceum, women were the property of rich men; in its modern incarnation, women have become the property of the State. His article ...

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Definition of GYNAECEUM. 1: the women's apartments in an ancient Greek or Roman house . 2 [NL, fr. L, women's apartments]: gynoecium. Origin of GYNAECEUM

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gynaeceum [ЛЊdК’aЙЄnЙЄЛ€siЛђЙ™m] n pl-cea [-Л€siЛђЙ™] 1. (Historical Terms) (in ancient Greece and Rome) the inner section of a house, used as women's quarters

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gynaeceum ... noun, plural gynВ·aeВ·ceВ·a / / [-see-uh]. (among the ancient Greeks) the part ...