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Definition of Gynandrian

adjective Alt. of Gynandrous

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Gynandrian - Meaning and definition. ... Look up: Gynandrian. Gynandrian GyВ· nan'driВ·an (- a n), Gy*nan'drous (- drЕ­s) adjective [ Greek gy`nandros of doubtful - Cached - Similar

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Gynandrian. Gy*nan"dri*an\, Gynandrous \Gy*nan"drous\, a. [Gr. gy`nandros of doubtful sex; gynh` a woman + 'anh`r, 'andro`s, man: cf. F. gynandre.] (Bot.) - Cached - Similar

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Definition of gynandrian in the dictionary. Meaning of gynandrian. What does gynandrian mean? Information and translations of gynandrian in the - Cached - Similar

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GyВ·nanВ·driВ·an (j Д­ *n Дѓ n'dr Д­ * a n) , GyВ·nanВ·drous (j Д­ *n Дѓ n'dr Е¬ s) - Cached - Similar

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Gy`nanТ‘dri`an (jД­`nДѓnТ‘drД­`an). a. 1. (Bot.) Having stamens inserted in the pistil; belonging to the class Gynandria . How to thank TFD for its existence? Tell a friend - Cached - Similar

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Gynandrian Meaning and Definition. (a.) Alt. of Gynandrous. Gynandrian: words in the definition. Alt, Gynandrous, Of,. Become a SponsorSponsor Results - Cached - Similar

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Definition of gynandrian in the Online Dictionary. Multiple meanings, detailed information and synonyms for - Similar

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We found 7 dictionaries that include the word gynandrian: General dictionaries General (7 matching dictionaries). gynandrian: Wordnik [home, info]; Gynandrian: - Cached - Similar

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Definition of Gynandrian is provided by 1913 Webster's Dictionary, WordNet Lexical Database, Dictionary of Computing, Legal Dictionary, Medical Dictionary, - Cached - Similar