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Definition of Gynandromorphous

adjective Affected, with gynandromorphism.

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gyВ·nanВ·droВ·morph (g -n n dr -mС„rf , j -, j -). n. An organism having both male and female characteristics, especially an insect exhibiting a mixture of male and - Cached - Similar

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... female on the other, that he caught as a youth on his family's Russian estate. Chickens can also be gynandromorphous. Normal female of Papilio androgeus - Cached - Similar

BBC News - Scientists solve half-cock chicken mystery

11 Mar 2010... why some chickens hatch out half-male and half-female. About one in every 10000 chickens is gynandromorphous, to use the technical - Cached - Similar

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13 Feb 2012 ... "gynandromorphous" definition: having both male and female morphological characteristics. Synonyms: gynandromorphic. Similar to: - Similar

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11 Mar 2010 ... About one in every 10000 chickens is gynandromorphous. This means that they are half female and half male. Unlike humans, chickens don't - Cached - Similar

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gynandromorphous definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also ' gynandromorph','gynandromorphic','gynandromorphism','gynandromorphy', - Cached - Similar

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Definition of gynandromorphous in the Dictionary. Meaning of gynandromorphous. What does gynandromorphous mean? Proper usage of the - Cached - Similar

A Gynandromorphous Mutillid

Psyche is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of basic (as opposed to applied) - Cached - Similar