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Definition of Gynophore

  1. noun The pedicel raising the pistil or ovary above the stamens, as in the passion flower.
  2. noun One of the branches bearing the female gonophores, in certain Siphonophora.

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A gynophore is the stalk of certain flowers which supports the gynoecium (the ovule-producing part of a flower), elevating it above the branching points of other - Cached - Similar

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Also found in: Encyclopedia, 0.01 sec. gyВ·noВ·phore (g n -fС„r , -f r , j n -, j n -). n. The stalk of a pistil. gy noВ·phor ic (-fС„r k, -f r -) adj. gynophore [Л€dК’aЙЄnЙ™КЉЛЊfЙ”Лђ - Cached - Similar

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Definition of GYNOPHORE. : a prolongation of the receptacle (as in a caper flower) with the gynoecium at its apex. First Known Use of GYNOPHORE. 1821 - Cached - Similar

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gynophore n. The stalk of a pistil. gynophoric gy ' nophor ' ic - Cached - Similar

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gynophore definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also ' gynophoric','gonophore','gyno-','glucophore', Collins Reverso dictionary, English - Cached - Similar