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Definition of Gyri

  1. noun plural See Gyrus.
  2. plural of Gyrus

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  • Gyrus noun A convoluted ridge between grooves; a convolution; as, the gyri of the brain; the gyri of brain coral. See Brain.

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Gyri (Greek: О“ПЌПЃО№) is a settlement in the municipal unit Artemisia, on Zakynthos island, Greece. It is located northwest of Machairado and 30.5 kilometers from ...

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Example Sentences. Clear cerebrospinal fluid surrounds the brain which has unremarkable gyri and sulci. Noun. Clear cerebrospinal fluid surrounds the brain ...

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In absence of the corpus callosum the cingulate is not visualised on the sagittal image and gyri and sulci radiate at right angles to the CSF space ('sunburst ...

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Feb 6, 2012 ... Gyrus(pl. gyri). see also page about Sulci. ... You can use these images , for example, as like this (=> gyri template in japanese wikipedia).

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Gyri. It's sometimes said that the number and complexity of gyri is an indication of intelligence. I suspect this belief was put forward by someone who noticed that ...