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Definition of Gyroscope

  1. noun A rotating wheel, mounted in a ring or rings, for illustrating the dynamics of rotating bodies, the composition of rotations, etc. It was devised by Professor W. R. Johnson, in 1832, by whom it was called the rotascope.
  2. noun A form of the above apparatus, invented by M. Foucault, mounted so delicately as to render visible the rotation of the earth, through the tendency of the rotating wheel to preserve a constant plane of rotation, independently of the earth's motion.

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  • Rotascope noun Same as Gyroscope, 1.
  • Gyroscopic adjective Pertaining to the gyroscope; resembling the motion of the gyroscope.
  • Gyrostat noun A modification of the gyroscope, consisting essentially of a fly wheel fixed inside a rigid case to which is attached a thin...

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Did you know that airplanes and space shuttles use the utterly low-tech gyroscope for navigation? Discover the secret behind gyroscopic motion!

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A gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principle of conservation of angular momentum. The key component, a relatively heavy ...

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This most attractive example is in the apparatus collection at Bowdoin College. It has no maker's name and is about 40 cm high.

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gyroscope (jД«`rЙ™skЕЌp'), symmetrical mass, usually a wheel, mounted so that it can spin about an axis in any direction. When spinning, the gyroscope has special ...

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noun an apparatus consisting of a rotating wheel so mounted that its axis can turn freely in certain or all directions, and capable of maintaining the same absolute ...